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Email (5/06/2021)

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Price increase for all service plans on July 1, 2021.
Silver will be $45, Gold will be $50 and Platinum will be $75.

Do not send emails to

Please send only to or or text 202 256 0107.&nbs... [read more]

Silver Service Agents (10/26/2020)
The website is wanting you to select a sign panel when placing an order but there are no options to continue. Please email me your orders at until the website is corrected. My apology for the issue. Thank you!
Website Issue (11/05/2019)
11/6/19 Website has been updated. Let me know if you encounter anything unusual. Thank you! When placing an order - an error code and not a congratulations page will sometimes appear at the end. Do not resubmit the order because the order most likely was placed. Check your account for the address under the active address list or email me at to verify. Thank you for your patience while the problem is fixed.
Windy and Rainy weather (11/01/2019)
If your sign post is leaning/falling due to the Windy and rainy weather, please place a no cost service call or email with the address and problem. To place a no cost service call through your signpost account please: Login to your account, Scroll down and find the address, Click on the orange Schedule Service Call button, Select the Reason of Post Leaning/Straighten Post from the menu, Select Leaning Due to Weather, Provide any additional instructions, Click on the blue Proceed to Payment Information button, There is no charge for this order, Click on Proceed to Final Review, Check the I have read and accept the Realty SignPost Terms of Service box and Click the Process the order button. Thank you!
Strong Winds (10/30/2017)
Power lines and trees are down due to the strong winds. The installers are working to complete as many jobs today 3/3/18 as conditions allow. Thank you for your patience! If your signpost is leaning because of the weather please do not hesitate to place a service call or email a service call to, there is no charge due to the weather.
Website Server Transition Issues (9/05/2017)
The website order processing is working now, 12:16pm. If you encounter a problem please contact me @
New PO Box Mailing Address (1/15/2016)
We have a new PO Box mailing address. Please send future mail and payments to PO Box 3072, Merrifield VA 22116. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** AGENTS: When you log in, you will see an updated look to our webpages. We did this to make our site more mobile and user friendly. Please let us know if you have any questions.
Happy New Year (1/06/2016)
Best Wishes for a Wonderful New Yearl!
Merry Christmas (12/06/2015)
Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Wonderful New Yearl! May your holiday season be joyous and bright!
Merry Christmas (11/18/2015)
Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Wonderful New Yearl! May your holiday season be joyous and bright!