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Checking Installation Availablility.
The check availability box is an easy way to quickly check if we at able to install and service signposts at that address.
First enter the address details, with as much detail as possible, and then press go. Once you have done at either an error will be displayed (in which case make ammends to the address) or the results of the search will be displayed.
This will tell you if we able to install and service signposts in that area and if any extended coverage fees will be charged. Either select "Try Again" to try and other address or select "Request Installation" to create an order with that address.
News Items
Latest News Box
The latest news box shows a brief overview of the latest news item that is relevant for you. If he would want to read more you can easily click on the "read more" or if you would like to read all news articles relating to you then click on the "Read All News Items". This will take you to the news page where you will be shown a list of all the items.